Tink's® Cow Elk Hot Shot® Mist - 3oz.

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Tink’s® Hot Shot® Cow Elk Estrous Mist is 100% pure lure for use during the rut. Particularly effective during stalk and calling set-ups, the mist is irresistible to bulls cruising downwind.

Tink’s® Hot Shot® Mist utilizes Bag-in-Can technology that separates the product from the pressurizing agent for zero contamination. This system enables the entire product to be dispensed - no waste! Sprays longer than traditional aerosol-powered sprays. Even sprays upside down! Includes locking feature to prevent unintentional actuation.

Effective during stalk and calling set-ups
Mist is irresistible to bulls cruising downwind
Powerful, fine mist for long range attraction
Quiet, consistent spray without “spitting”
100% Pure lure dispersal
Size: 3 oz.
Scent: Elk

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